Beyond the Box: Emerging Innovative Solutions for the Regulatory Process First

15th August 2019  02:00 PM - 03:00 PM (GMT-04:00) America/New_York

The energy world is innovating by leaps and bounds but regulatory processes, developed over the last 100 years, are challenged to keep up. This slows innovation and makes it harder for customers – and the industry – to leverage and benefit from the latest technological advances and operating practices.

Find out how the regulatory process could work faster in the future from the Renovate task force members working to solve the biggest challenges. During this webinar, the task force members and partners will present four challenges, highlighting root causes, current best practices, and “beyond the box” emerging solutions to the regulatory process.

These challenges are centered on:

  • People and knowledge (education and training)
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Managing increased rate of change
  • Complexity and cross-coordination of objectives.

About Renovate

SEPA launched the Renovate Initiative to tackle this issue and spur the evolution of state regulatory processes, practices, and structures to enable innovation and scalable deployment of new technologies and operating models to meet customer expectations, build a modern grid and promote a modern society.